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Our History

Founded in 2016 after 30 years in the fish business. With trusted partners and network, our ide is to provide the best quality on a regular basis to selected markeds in Africa, and other countries of interest. 

Purity and quality.

The Norwegian nature has the best conditions needed to help us build a quality brand. Its cold, clear fjords create ideal growth environment for variety of seafood and of course  aquaculture. This, combined with our experience and knowledge is why we and our producers can present the best quality at any occasions worldwide.

Our fish are from

We have been blessed as a nation by our unique location, where the cold Arctic waters meet the warm Gulf Stream. It gives us waters with just the right current and temperature, and a coastline with islands, islets and deep, protective fjords.

Quality commitment

Our selected producers have proven the Norwegian quality standards, we have selected the best from the best. We focus on shortest time possible, from harvesting, to your doorstep.